Masti – GharGhar Mein Paathshala – Enabling Women Entrepreneurship

The exceptional micro-playschool concept from Paathshala, designed to promote women entrepreneurship is the way to go. It helps them to have a low cost entry into enterprise module and more importantly, they get the backing from the experienced Paathshala team which is present in the corporate space for years.

The model is easy to install and can be custom fit inside any house to convert it into play school. Targeted in second and third tier cities, the Paathshala team has flexible readymade platform which will assist in creation of a safe, healthy and child ready environment.  Women will be trained and certified from the Paathshala team to ensure they can easily operate a play school from their home.

Paathshala Team

“Women would be happier to find a playschool close to their home and with someone in the neighborhood that they know. Which is what MastiGharGhar Main Paathshala addresses too,” says Seth who has spent 17 years in training, development and leadership.

“It’s worrying to see educated women in India sitting at home. Which is why we thought of Masti-Ghar Ghar Main Paathshala to empower them and create a way of entrepreneurship,” says Sonal Seth. The idea struck Sonal Seth, when she travelled into the interiors of India over the last few years, “We believe the opportunity is huge. Besides, this is a unique concept with low entry cost and without needing to invest in any space.”

Sonal Seth, Co-Founder, Paathshala

Almost everything Paathshala does  is covering value education and behaviour change from end to end. Be it via their program for school children — SeTu, college kids — Yogya or even Shikshak. The endeavour of the Paathshala team has always been to change values.

The overall approach is of ‘Discovery & Conditioning’ through experiential and group learning techniques. The curriculum is designed to address the key areas of development which is Value Education, Life Skills, and Emotion, Balancing the Body, Mind& Soul, and Competitive Edge. Broken over 5 programs, the curriculum empowers the children using the below tools.


“Saksham”: A Psychopathological tool to assess Brain Power
“Kopal”: Where should I be; an examination system
“Kilkari”: Habituation for Joyful Living
“Aditya”: A Brain Lab for giving Balance to Brain Activity
“Prajjwal”: Pedagogy for the Development of “Multiple Intelligence”

It is nice to see, people coming and contributing towards developing a country with values. We wish all the good luck to the Paathshala team and we are sure that they will emerge as a winner. You can visit their website and know more about them. Share this with your network it will definitely contribute towards a cause.