A look back facebook. How to download.

A look back facebook:

My astrological signs and their combination have always made me feel better whenever I look back in the past. I spend time day dreaming at times. Today morning when I logged on to the facebook; I found out a new trending section called “look back”. Facebook is celebrating their 10 birthday. From the college dome to millions of users worldwide it says. An idea that materializes once in a generation, True Indeed!

Mark is habitual of making it classy every now and then. For instance I really appreciate the thought of sharing the journey with each and every user. Getting a personalized video for every user, Great! I mean it makes you feel like family.

A look back is a one minute video from the past activities that we had. Being precise it is a one minute and two seconds video of all the best activities we had. To get the emotions on high it has got a splendid background track. It starts with the month when you signed up with facebook. It also shows bests posts, shares of yours. It selects the data from the most number of likes.

We loved this gesture. Why don’t you try it today? Watch your look back video here.

How to Download: If you loved your video you can also download the video from your Google chrome browser:

How to download your Facebook ? #Lookback video (in Chrome)
1. Open link https://www.facebook.com/lookback
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+J to open the console.
3. Copy the whole code from the following link: http://textuploader.com/14qr and paste into console then press enter.
4. Then. It will give you the video link for download.
5. Click it and Press Ctrl+S to download and save it. OR Right click and Save as

Source: http://bit.ly/1dyQKpP

fb-post-look back


Note: We have not written the code! We are sharing with you as we have found this code on facebook #lookback