Living in the Now

I did nothing today. Lay on a bed and watch time run around its own tale. I would do this often earlier, slow my life, force it to stop and do nothing but meander in my own house.
It’s been a while since I did that. And today, as I did that I realized that regular days off will help me find the strength to go on.
To appreciate what I have now.
To allow my life to breathe, pause.
To allow dreams to find new meaning.
To let the noise around me disappear till I can only hear my voice.
To let the doubts subside and let the waves of restlessness…
There is very little that we need to do in the moment. But just to allow that moment encapsulate completely.
I did nothing. But read, sleep and think – allowing myself to rejuvenate mentally, spiritually energizing myself to face a busy week, demanding much more of me than I have the energy for some days.
I am also willing myself to think of nothing BUT now. No worries. No future. No white hair. No growing old. No questions.
Simply being. Sometimes I forget to do that. Breathe!!
So hope this mid week Wednesday rejuvenates you, your thoughts, your love, your passion! Go for it!