Know WASP Wining and Score Predictor

Early Sunday Morning in India and on an average 50% of the Indians who you will find sleeping till noon have woke up early to see the first match between the Southern Hemisphere Giants. Few runs on the board and we see a term called WASP on the bottom right part of the screen suggesting some 3 digit score of around 250 in the 22nd over.

The WASP system was introduced by Sky Sports in an ENG v/s NZ tie. The WASP predictor system is very new for the Indian viewers. Let’s have a brief idea about the system and how it works.

Name of the system: WASP – Wining And Score Predictor
Introduced by: Sky Sports
How does it work:

The average score of the teams playing are calculated including the matches that were un-interrupted. It helps to comprehend the pitch conditions from previous results the developers quoted; the system also includes the class of batting attack and bowling attack and presents the most probable score that can be reached in the first Innings. In second Innings the wining probability of the team is calculated. Considering the wickets in hand and batting line up to follow.
WASP does not determine how will the game be played henceforth but it determines the chances of reaching a target on the basis of present scorecard or conditions.
Dr Hogan and Dr Brooker developed a system that is more than curve fitting to give the most accurate prediction as possible. We found this quote on Throng.

In near future they are expected to be more developments on the software with more graphical inputs and definitely we are awaiting for the development of the software. But will it totally take out the nail biting situations we had?