A journey from engineering drop out to debuting as a director in a Bollywood Movie

Even though getting into an engineering is an uphill task, there are millions of those get into it, by giving a lot of dedicated hours of studies. Most of the times by completely overlooking the inherit skills that they possess. A very few are able to find their way and write a story of their own with the things that really love to do. Niddhish’s story is about those very few, who braved to take decisions which were not appreciated in the early days but worked in their favor eventually.


Niddhish when into engineering realized that he was better at things that were of not much importance in the curriculum of technical studies. He took a bold decision to come out and do something what he loves. It took years before he had many short films and branded content work under his belt.

Initial years were tough, but Niddhish kept working around. Always trying to work on his skills, Niddhish spent time relentlessly sharpening his craft, he enrolled for courses to build up his knowledge. With a strong belief in non-conventional ways of working, the debutant director still made sure he had a thorough knowledge about the conventional approaches.

His first movie is another bold step in his career, with a very refreshing topic that he has planned to show to the viewers. The thriller movie stars Arshad Warsi, Juhi Chawla and recent National Award Winner Divya Dutta in the lead, and the first look will be launched very soon.

Niddhish has an interesting story to tell with his first movie and we wish him and the cast luck for the same.