Introducing top 4 CMS for your website

Getting online is a real pain for any traditional business, unless you have technical expertise hired to sail you through the process. But in today’s time, Digital presence of any business is evidently important. You have a key! Instead of going through the whole process of coding your website from scratch, you can utilize what is already done and made available for you to use. Make the best utilization of Open Source CMSs available. There are quite a few available and now, next Big Question is “Which one to choose?”. Let us select the best 4 CMSs, you can use, based on your require-   ments and ease of use

1) WordPress
One of the most popular content management systems, WordPress, is a great platform for new users. The fantabulous documen-tation and super-fast installation wizard along with its significant feature of built-in image & multimedia uploading support makes it the most popular and most reliable CMS. WordPress works perfectly for the users who are not familiar with HTML or any other markup language. Moreover, the availability of huge amount of WordPress inform-  ation online helps you know the different aspects of customizing WordPress in the most efficient way. The best part is, WordPress is highly scalable and you can add many new features in future to use business website in few seconds by just adding a relevant plugin and fine-tuning its settings. Highly recommended for Business and Corporate Websites

2) Drupal
Another  popular CMS which is being used by several high profile organizations is Drupal. This pure CMS solution efficiently works towards organizing the content of your website. Drupal exhibits several interesting features including user blogs, forums, and IRC channels among others. Having an active community, Drupal provides excellent support for plug-ins as well Furthermore ,the  ava-ilability of taxonomy module allows you to create multiple levels along with different content categories.

3) Joomla
Now, have a look at a very advanced CMS! Joomla is a complete CMS solution for website which otherwise might be a complica-ted one. Some exciting features of the CMS include intuitive drop down menus and attractive administration interface among oth-ers. Though Joomla allows you to add a functionality with an extension, it asks you to acquire paid plug-ins and themes. So, buy it, and get an attractive theme for your website right away!

4) Magento
Magento is the world’s largest ecommerce software and platform trusted by several brands across the world. Being an open sou-rce content management system (CMS) it comes with intuitive administration interface, full analytics and reporting, feature rich marketing promotional tools, secure payment gateways, Google site map, one-click upgrades, multi-lingual, catalog management, full product browsing, security support and much more advanced features for a complete online shopping experience. The other striking feature of Magento is it also supports e-commerce, thereby incurring online transactions through mobile and computer portability and compatibility.

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