The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – An Insight into the mind of Millionaires

Who doesn’t want to make money!

For some it gets easy, for some it is hard. 

Some feel it is not part of their destiny. Some keep trying all life long but are not able to accumulate wealth. 

I desired to make money and wealth, tried a lot of times, and obviously failed in my earlier attempts. This is when my mentor asked me to understand the fundamentals of making money. 

You might be hardworking, intelligent, and good at what you do, but that might not necessarily guarantee making wealth. 

What is your Money BluePrint?

Wait for it! I will share about the insight that has helped me make money.

Have you ever thought that each one of us as a subconscious money blueprint designed. 

It is created by the influences that we had during our childhood, and with the people we interacted. 

No matter what you try to do differently, if the blueprint is not improvised the likeliness of creating and accumulating wealth goes down. 

Will only Knowledge and Insights help?

Most of the time wealth creation is a complex process and depends on many external factors. 

Well but there is one thing that is “CONSTANT”

The way your subconscious mind reacts to situations will determine your financial graph for the rest of your life. 


Make Quick Changes

My mentor asked me to make changes quickly, the first was to have a proper mindset to make money. But reading is one thing and implementing what you know is important. 

This is when he asked me to focus on changes in life. How quickly can we change our mindset and implement will accelerate the chances of success. 

What mindset should we have? Where to learn from?

I was not knowing from where to start. When ever I feel that I get back to finding the books that could help me. This is when I came across the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. 

T. Harv Eker the author of this book is a multi-millionaire himself. 

He has mentioned, if you are poor, it is because you think like poor and if you are rich it is because you think like rich. 

This was a very powerful message for me.

Link to the book Here… | Kindle

Share it with your family!

I’m fond of reading books and so I make sure I also share the insights with my family, they do have a challenge reading English. So I made sure I shared a Hindi version of this book with them.

There is still a way!

Even though if your thoughts are not aligned on how to make wealth, no worries you can still make money by re-programming the way you think

With dedicated efforts it is possible 

Extended Recommendations – To Be a Millionaire Mind

Making using of time

Time is critical!

You can’t just let the time fly by without taking actions. It is critical to create wealth, you need to use of time in an appropriate way.

You are what you think!

You can’t be something beyond what you think. The ability to think and achieve is a powerful tool. Very few understand. A large group don’t agree. But, a very few who agree really make wealth the easier way. 

It is always better to learn from other’s experience rather than spending time learning it the hard way. 

What should be the next action plan?

Go and try this book out! 

It will help you to bring the necessary changes. It will also give good psychological insights into the way we think about certain situations.

If you believe you have alternative books to suggest, then please do. 

That’s it for now folks!


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