Finger Bar-code Scanner reduces the waiting time at checkout.


The mind-numbing part of the shopping extravaganza at the Grocery Centre or at a General Mall is to wait in line while the products are scanned one by one. In nearly all the cases in India we spend an average of 20-30 minutes waiting in line on a weekend.


Well the Seokmin Kang from Yanko Design took it sincerely and has managed to cut short the time by developing a wearable bar-code scanner which is easier to carry the repetitive work that the employees have to do at the counter with fast processing time. On an average the long-established bar-code scanner takes anything between 5-10 seconds for a single scan but when it comes to this finger bar-code scanner it hardly takes 2 seconds for the course of action. This reduces the time by 200% on average. The finger barcode scanner is build with an electronic screen which displays the unit and the total price of the cart.


Simply fantastic is this finger bar-code scanner for the moment. We would love this scanner to be implemented at the nearest stores and we know the employees at the store would love it more.


From: Yanko Design Images Courtesy: Yanko Design