Facebook Review 2013

We always feel nostalgic when we see presentations and videos of our super heroes or models. The “Then and Now” stuff or the ones which describes their journey in the industry are things that makes us happy.

If you are a football fan you would love to go back to the timeline where you could see the best from your superstars Ronaldo, Messi, Puyol, Giggs, Ribbery and many more. Also to check the biggest moments from a clubs point of view for instance Neymar scoring in his first El Classico or Sir Alex Ferguson’s Retirement from Manchester United.

Did you ever wonder if someone could make collection of your best moments and showcase it to the world?

Facebook team has stroked the right chord with this new trend called review the year 2013. Launched just a week back this is one of the things that I have loved from the facebook team. They have made a collection of 20 major moments from 2013. The events are shortlisted according to the involvement of fellow friends or people on a particular post. We can also manually add our best moments or the biggest moments from 2013.


Click on Review 2013 and view your profile Facebook Review for 2013


Snap Shot of Facebook Review 2013

You can view yours after logging in on : Facebook.com/YearInReview.

We can choose from more than 30 different moments or you can simply write down one of yours.

Add your own moment

Add your own moment

This is what the facebook data editor Robert D’Onofrio  had to say about their newest trend Review 2013.

“Conversations happening all over Facebook offer a unique snapshot of the world, and this year was no different. Every day, people post about the topics and milestones that are important to them – everything from announcing an engagement, to discussing breaking news, or even celebrating a favorite athlete or sports team.

We analyzed the past year’s worth of these posts to reveal the top global trends of 2013.”

All we would like to say we loved your Review 2013 and you can add this one to your 20 biggest moments.