Get a sticker or Facebook profile picture smiley.

Over the years we have always send our emotions through emoticons which is nothing but icons with emotions.  A brilliant idea originates back in nineteenth century which further turns out to be the most influential way of communicating emotions over the internet in twenty first century. Today over 90% people have used an emoticon once in there chat on mobile or internet. Today we concentrate on Facebook profile picture smiley.

The simplest way to have your Facebook profile picture as smiley is to write [[profileid]] in the chat box and press enter.

facebook profile id

The profile id of your account is the letters beyond the “/”.

In The Must Read’s case here themustread is the profile id. We get the output:

small smiley

Now that is quite small.
Let’s get something bigger as we say Bigger is better.
Here is the link to generate the hash code that is to be generated so that you could paste your profile picture as sticker.

Here is the output for The Must Read.


Try yours today!