Easy tips to speed up your android phone


The ease of carrying a gadget packed with applications and widgets that gave a new dimension to the user interface after java phones lead to the rise in the use of android phones in past few years. Overwhelming experience with the games and enormous bunch of apps that made connectivity easier made android the first preference for the phones.

In India the availability of the android phones at few thousands made them an instant hit in the market. The team at TheMustRead.in noticed that the android phones with the extensive use that we have with so many apps makes them slower over the period. We know this can be frustrating for you. So we have made an effort so that you could speed up your android phone in few minutes and enjoy spending more time with your phone.

1.    Keep the software updated.

Make sure that your android phone has its software updated. The software updates from the firmware are very rare but make sure when they are you get them updated. Walk in to a nearby firmware gallery or get a good internet connection to download the software updates. Wi-Fi is preferred; working it out on 2G internet connection can be annoying.

Keeping your android phone updated can help you fix the bugs and any issues that relate to the working of your phone. So make sure that your phone is updated.

2.    Clear the App Cache.

App Cache is built as the app runs over the period of time on your phone. Cache can be explained as a collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place. This Cache slows down your android phone. Make sure you clear this cache from time to time.

You can use this app to clear the cache on one tap. You can also set a routine cache clear with this app.

Clear the App Cache

Manually you can clear the cache by visiting the property page of each app in the setting section but that could be too exhausting.

3.    Uninstall the Unused.

This is another quick way to speed up your phone. “Store what is required,” is the best way to make sure it doesn’t slow up your phone. Unused Apps use lot of space and RAM. Uninstalling them can help you retrieve the speed of your phone.

Also try removing the widgets that are not in use. Fancying up the home screen with flashy content can slow the process on your phone.
Simple tips that can help you speed up your phone: 

  • Manage animations on your phone. Too much of them will slow your phone.
  • Transfer your data from the internal memory to the SD card. There are apps available on the Play store to transfer Apps to SD card.
  • Kill unnecessary Apps.


Let us know if you have any other strategies to speed up your android phone we will be pleased to put it here.