Easy Diwali Nails

A week is left until we start dressing up to our best and enjoy one of the most glamorous festivals in India. With the ‘Clean-your-house-pre-Diwali’ Saga, women across all ages are time bound. Salons are pre-booked and hopes for appointments stay dangling. And unfortunately enough you are no where near being too artistic with your nails… Who says?

Here’s (probably) the easiest Nail Art to glam up your nails this Diwali season!

Simple Diwali Nails


Festive nails 02

Paint all your nails a solid color except one. I chose a fresh parrot green.

Paint your accent nail with (complementary color) heavy glitter. I went in with gold.

Add a topcoat and you might be done!

Nail Art

Well that looks super simple, but guess what! That’s the style which is in sync with our Bollywood Divas lately. And still if you want to give them a more trendy but simple- to- do look, you can stamp with the same color (gold in my case) as your accent nail! Else go for a few studs or stickers matching your accent nail….

Tadaa… Be creative with your embellishments and you will have Salon-style Nails in no time!


Color Scheme Guide:

My Scheme

>> Green-Gold Glitter-Gold Stamps


>> Blue/Purple/Black-Silver Glitter-Silver Nail Accessories

>> Red/Orange/Brown/Black-Gold Glitter-Gold Nail Accessories

Enjoy matching up your nails with your outfits…

Happy Diwali!