Do our rivers need to suffer for the commercialization of our beliefs?

Do our rivers need to suffer for the commercialization of our beliefs?

Trimbekshwar Devasthan, Trimbak. Near Nashik

Trimbekshwar Devasthan, Trimbak. Near Nashik

India is undoubtedly a country rich in natural treasure. A few weeks back, I was traveling to Trimbakeshwar Devasthan (Temple) a place near Nashik. During my stay there, I met the trustee of the Tribakeshwar Devasthan Trust. It was 8 pm and I was just done with my dinner, contrary to my lifestyle in Mumbai. I was on a call when and out of nowhere me and Mrs. Lalita Shinde were in a conversation.

Mrs. Lalita Shinde inher meet with CM of Maharashtra for the Godavari river issues

Mrs. Lalita Shinde in a meet with CM of Maharashtra for the Godavari river issues

She asked me about, where do you hail from and another few questions and a few minutes later we were having a discussion on the river Godavari and how her childhood days went near the banks of the river, and to my surprise, she said the road you are standing on use to be river Godavari few decades back. Now it is covered with blocks of concrete.

I was disappointed by the change, she continued that’s not it, and there are chances that the concrete structures will keep on growing if we don’t stop early. People are not aware of the impact that river Godavari is sustaining at this moment. This can soon be disastrous for the people who reside here.

She continued explaining her struggle and the changes that she made happen with her team. She said most of the people don’t know about the adverse effects. Awareness is important, we love when people visit here, but it is disappointing when people abuse the river here. Plenty of educated people come here to pray and offer prayers to the Jyortlinga which is an Indian heritage site as well. But most of them fail to understand the importance of environment.


Godavari River near Nashik polluted

State of Godavari River in 2014

We discussed about the way she is trying to tackle the problem. The understanding from the whole discussion was that beliefs and trust are all fine and are appreciated but not at the cost of environmental imbalance. Secondly, we should not let our natural treasure exploited due to commercialization of beliefs. The lord, you should start appreciating first is the Mother Nature.


The cleaning process that initiated in 2014


Next time you are traveling to Nashik you can drop down at Trimbak to see the beautiful temple and place around the Godavari but make sure you support their efforts to keep it clean.