E-commerce is still the next big thing! Most of the aspiring entrepreneurs are still wanting to go all the way to create a new e-commerce giant. With the potential of the Indian Market & the interest from aspiring entrepreneurs, we had a word with Mr. Dhaval Ahir who has scaled up an e-commerce company. Founded in 2016 in Ahmedabad, Veirdo is a 100% online brand that sources raw material, dyes, designs, prints, and manufacturers all their trendy apparel range in-house.

Find below, the complete interview:

How did you come up with the name?

I always wanted to become a doctor but then I entered the IT sector where I did my graduation in Software Engineering. Same with my partners who wanted to do something else in their life, but they ended up in I.T.  But we all three had a common passion and vigor to make it big in the e-commerce space and start our own apparel brand Veirdo. The name Veirdo, symbolized our journey as partners from different backgrounds and experiences coming together to create something huge. The perfect example of a ‘weird’ yet dynamic team working closely together.

Why did you choose an e-commerce platform?

We were very inspired by the e-commerce platforms when it began years ago. The way it makes the buying process faster & easier and at a click of a button, the products will reach you at your doorstep.
We found this very interesting that today whoever is selling on e-commerce for the last 3-5 years has reached a similar stage of those in retail since the last 30 years.
As we were already into technology, we want to build something of our own as we were sure that this will be the future.

How is your experience till now?

While we had no experience in the retail space, each one possessed immense knowledge of the technical sphere, which helped us to thoroughly understand the makings of bankable online shopping and marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. And hence we set out on our fruitful entrepreneurial venture.
Initially, we did face problems but overcame them with effective solutions. For example, lack of storage space but with makeshift changes to the warehouse, we could optimize and operate. We hired developers and set up our own ERP as per our requirements.
We have close to 2.5 million customers who have purchased our product in the last 4-5 years.

What makes you better than your competition?

Brand’s commitment towards creativity and eye for fashion trends. This helps us offer the trendiest designs at an affordable price range without compromising on quality. We focus on customer satisfaction and pay attention to their needs and desires. Today, Veirdo is one of the trendiest fashion start-ups in the country and is known for its quality, variety, and value for money while we continue creating memorable consumer experiences. 

What are the most common mistakes eCommerce businesses make in this field?

1) Patience, because in this field being impatient will not help. At the start nobody knows you so in such cases your sales does not show up. Patience is very much important.

2) You should know about your product, you should have clarity, understand the demand for the product, user requirements, and scope of work.

3) You should know all the guidelines of e-commerce, their charges, logistic charges, your profit margin, what is the budget you are using.

What are your business plans ahead?

We know how to sell online, so in future we know what categories of products that can be sold. We will try to expand our business in different verticals. Right now we are into fashion and garment industry and there so many categories we can pick up and work on it.  So now we are planning to explore our business into different categories or different verticals.

What advice would you like to give to all entrepreneurs?

  • Person should be a problem solver. 
  • Person should have clarity on product
  • If you have co-partners then there should be transparency between them.
  • You cannot just randomly choose your partner.

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