Probably 3-4 years ago from today, no one knew who Haineel Shah was, probably he himself did not know who he was but as we say the ‘luck favors the brave’ & today he is emerging as one of the most promising bloggers and start-up entrepreneurs in the market. To introduce him, Haineel Shah is a 23 year old writer, journalist and creative head of three start-up projects which we will name it later. He is also a promising cricket journalist working with Cricketgraph.com.

Haineel started doing odd jobs when he was not even 16, in fact the first job he did was with a company called Paypoint India in the (after 10th ) summer vacations with his best friend where he had to distribute pamphlets in the central line of Mumbai. Even after that he went on to do many odd jobs. He later on forayed into event management in his college days just to keep the pocket money flowing (had a brief stint with WIZCRAFT ENTERTAINMENT). Haineel was deep down a bright student but he never liked academics. He still remembers the fact that his teachers had challenged him that he would fail the SSC Board exams but he went on to score 95/100 and  94/100 in Science & Social studies & passed the exams with distinction  just to prove them wrong & not because he wanted to score. His only weakness was mathematics where he has achieved some rare feats of getting 1’s and 0’s in papers but that did not deter him from what he wanted to do.

More than that, right from his college days, he was always creative though he never attended the college. Haineel never liked the 9 to 6 jobs and it was like a hell for him to do the typical routine jobs. In fact it was because of that he would just keep on innovating new ideas for business but would fail drastically. Haineel has so far failed at atleast 6start-up projects ranging from clothing, -ecommerce, food restaurant and more. On failures he had only one thing to say

‘atleast I tried while others did not even think of doing it or take a different path’ & that’s success for me” the things I learned in the process would not be taught even by the IIM & I certainly wish everybody faces such failures”

Also while having a conversation with him, he said ‘I don’t gauge or judge success by money, there are thousands of people who are earning crores but have unhappy homes, unhappy wives and spoilt kids at home, there are thousands of people who are making lakhs a month through BPO’s and typical jobs but getting exhausted, there are people who are doing all the wrong work right from politicians, prostitutes and gamblers making tons of money? But I don’t want to earn that much money in that way.

‘If my work reaches some part of the world to atleast some people and is making a difference, I am successful, if my work is helping, encouraging or inspiring somebody, I am happy, if some stranger comes to me and compliments me about my work, I am successful & most importantly if I am having a good sleep with a happy & peaceful family, I am happy! “

After he cleared his 12th with First class, he went on to successfully complete BMS (Bachelors in Marketing Studies) he did faced a golden K.T there too but he eventually surpassed it. He also left his CS studies midway as it was not exciting him at the creative level. After his graudation he also had a one year stint at the world renowned BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE, Dalal street in Mumbai which he considers an enriching experience.

But deep down he still wanted to be that entrepreneur and he was not happy with his current state. In fact he had a burning fire inside him because one of his ex employers completely destroyed his first start-up which was based on Scoopwhoop & Buzzfeed and challenged him to enter the same field again.


Haineel who is not known to bog down against failures kept on working on his side project and eventually launched a social blog called GOSSIPWALE.COM in January 2015 which is a completely out & out social/informative & entertainment blog in the lines of Scoopwhoop & Buzzfeed. In fact, people loved his writing so much that today there are thousands of people liking his work and following his blog. Later on he also came back with a bang and followed his passion towards cricket & launched a website called Cricktetwale.com which has all the interesting stuff & information related to Cricket. Infact the tagline of Cricketwale.com is – the Wikipedia of Cricket.


There was no stopping then & bang on came his 3rd pet project which was a dedicated travel start-up called Goabookers.com which is a first of its kind travel website only dedicated to Goa where all the needs right from your stay, sightseeings, packages, hiring of cars and bikes, hotel bookings is covered. This was a project which he made for his father as it was his wish to make a business in the land of Goa. Today Goabookers.com in just one year has done a commendable business, it has happy customers leaving behind great reviews too!

All these projects just doesn’t get created overnight, as he said ‘I was working day and night, probably thinking everyday, formulating it in secrecy & almost after a tremendous amount of hard work, rejections, criticism & not giving up everyday helped me to fulfill my dreams.

Today as he says with God’s grace he is doing what he loves & he is proud of it, he may not be earning a lot of money like others but he is content and he is happy with what he is doing, its rewarding and that gives him satisfaction, that happiness and kick to do what you want to do and get paid for what you love is what matters…


Today the article on him is being published not because he has become very famous but atleast people know him as the creative head of Gossipwale.com, Cricketwale.com & Goabookers.com & the journalist of Cricketgraph.com & when his write-ups reach thousands of people every month & gets good reviews and love from the people, it just becomes worth it…for whatever hardships he went through….

& yeah today the net worth of these 3 websites is already into lakhs & will keep on growing in the future…

This was his professional journey, his personal journey(which he does not wish to disclose in detail) was equally tough where he had no support & no financial help from anybody, he also kept on losing important people in his life one after another but that did not stop him from giving up, he also went through depression at one phase where he was completely jobless, lonely without any friends & failing at everything, ….& he is happy today now for what he is…A self dependant boy since 17 has become a 23yr old man who now helps his family to run the house happily…

His next goal now is to become one of the topmost writers/bloggers of India & also wants his personal websites to keep on flourishing. Looking at the journey so far…he certainly looks poised for a bright future ahead.

& as he says… this is just a start…by god’s grace I’ll make it worth a great journey in the future where the whole world will know me.

The moral of the story is…in this world you will get stuck and die with a normal unproductive life..if you keep on doing the regular 9 to 6 stuff everyday, dare to be different and most importantly do what you love, it maybe tough, it may pay you less but trust me nothing is more rewarding and satisfying than doing what you want to do…& most importantly do such stuff where your work reaches atleast some people in some corner of the world & is affecting them in some capacity, it has to be productive, creative……making the world a better place.