Chilly Penguin

Hello everyone…. Its December and all I could think of is how much more the mercury’s going to drop. I personally love winters, its fun to have all those warm clothes on and think that its going to snow! (now that’s exaggeration :P)

A couple of days back I saw the movie “Happy Feet” and it struck to me that penguins are so cute, so why not just try to create one on my nail??!! Penguins are something most people remember when it snows… that really made me think when I was a child that penguins are some extraordinary creatures who are born when winters start and they die when winters end!


Even if now that I know for sure that they survive for years but are cozy in their cold atmosphere in Antarctica, I cherish the idea of making them symbolic of Winters!

So here is my version of a penguin and winter…. I had fun creating it and I hope you will too, so check out how I did it, here – Click here to read the procedure