Celebrating Sachin Tendulkar Celebrating Cricket

In October 2013 Tendulkar has officially played 662 Matches in International Cricket. It includes 463 One Day Internationals, One Shorter Version of the game against South Africa in 2006 and 198 Test Matches. This sums more than 1400 days of International cricket. To convert that into years it is almost 4 years of incessant cricket. Well we have missed his enduring time at the First Class level, the days when he played for hours at Shivaji Park and not to forget winning moments at Mumbai Indians.

We wonder is this boy a cricket playing machine manufactured to perfection. Averaging at 53.71 in Tests and 44.83 in ODI’s this man was the change that the world cricket appreciates and will keep on appreciating till the day this game will be played.

At 165 cm this man is a sheer class on the crease. He can play every shot in the cricketing book and has added many signature strokes that the coming generation would love to imitate. A six over point on a bouncer almost seemed impossible till we saw Sachin pull one at South Africa against Pakistan in 2003 World Cup. What a chase was that?

mage Courtesy: hitslink.blogspot.in


The Padma Vibhushan Sachin Tendulkar is a perfect example to teenagers to incorporate values like modesty, respect, humbleness, hard work, unmatched will, concentration(even after he failed in younger days), and above all love for what you do.

We all cheer for the maestro and wish him good luck for his future endeavors and specially this Celebrating Sachin’s Two hundredth Test Match.