We keep wandering in aspirations and concerns of future or at times in the miseries and joys of the past. To keep ourselves in the present is a tough task. Building up Awareness is helpful to achieve the task of staying in the present. 

A high state of awareness works better for most of the people from different backgrounds. It helps them perform better, the productivity goes up and most importantly achieving peace of mind becomes easier.

Awareness of situations also helps us make better decisions. But achieving awareness of self and surroundings is not something that can be achieved in a day. It is about continuously practicing basics over a period of time. 

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Why do we need to observe how we breathe?

Studies suggest that due to the stress and the working conditions that we have put ourselves in, it has directly affected the way we breathe. People who are not working are also under some or other stress or worries. When we are restricted to do things, even then our natural breathing pattern is hampered.

Due to disturbances in the pattern of breathing, we end up having half breathed. Most of the people breathe shallow, or till the upper chest. People also breathe fast, and all these breathing patterns are trigged due to lifestyle changes. 

If you observe your breath and return back to the natural breathing pattern. With slow and fuller breathes, it helps to achieve good mental and physical health easily.
Breathing should be calm and spontaneous.

Once there is an improvement in the quality of breathing, there is definitely an improvement in the quality of life. 

Different types of breathing methods/processes:

There are many spiritual leaders who have established ways of breathing to attain spiritual and overall growth. It is clearly explained how breathing helps in attaining overall prosperity. Breathing techniques help build a high state of awareness for self.

Isha Kriya by Sadhguru from Isha Foundation, Art of Living’s Sudarshan Kriya established by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Vipassana which also means clear insight has its base developed from having awareness through breathing techniques. 

Besides these, there are different techniques and practice of observations, but what somehow remains common is the breath. 

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Why Awareness helps?

Awareness is a strong tool to attain clarity. The clarity in life, relationships, work, and ambitions makes the path easier as the focus of an individual or group increases significantly. Being Focused is a quality one would like to possess, but it is difficult to attain it. Breathing techniques to help you to be focused over a period of time. 


Breathing techniques do help to build awareness, you can learn from an expert or a professional who understand and practices these techniques. The testimonials over the years and my individual practice have helped me quite a bit. I don’t want to talk about the techniques, but I am sure if you learn even basic techniques it will add value to your life.

Do let me know, if you have been practising or wiling to practice any breathing techniques in future. 

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