Monthly Income Report :

Spoiler Alert: My Income Reports when it comes to blogs are not at all inspirational. The reason I am sharing it is that if something is your passion keep on doing it. It will pay off one-day.

“TheMustRead” had its own long journey, and in recent times the site was in sleep mode for a couple of months. Though the site was running, I wasn’t writing enough and it was at standstill. Last month I met a friend of mine for the interview of an author, and I thought I will re-start this project again. 

Changed the Hosting: 

For the last 6 years, I have been using shared reseller hosting. “TheMustRead” was using a reseller-box account. I thought to change because I’m wanting to evolve this site. I want to make it look more professional and also at the same time want it to perform better. 

Godaddy WordPress Managed Hosting: 529.82 INR

I was tempted to go for an annual subscription but knowing myself, I choose to stick to monthly plan. 

My domain is active till August/September so I don’t have to pay for it at least for next 3 months. 

Luckily for me I have invested in this domain for 6 years now. 

Godaddy Standard SSL: 459.02 INR

I was fortunate enough to get a 3570 INR discount on the SSL certificate. Though I will have to pay in for the next year. Though that’s a long time from now.

I had to opt this because the SEO is changing like never before. SSL has become as good as mandatory. Therefore investing in a SSL is kind of must. 

That makes all my expenses for the month.
Godaddy WordPress Managed Hosting: 529.82
Godaddy Standard SSL: 459.02

Total: 988.84 (14$)

Income for the month:

For the many of those who don’t know I do have a background in writing micro fiction, and I have already authored a book. I have followers on my Instagram and Facebook Profile, I do get opportunities for promotions.

Promotions: 3500 INR (48$)
E-book Sales Kindle: 43 INR (Find the Kindle Purchase Link Below) Well I had written this book in 2017. It has been a bestseller in 2018, that was the time when I made money on this book. Now it’s a bit dull. I don’t spend much on its promotions.

Additional Expense: 700 INR (11$) (This expense is to get leads, ads, and other activities to generate revenue for the blog.)

Total Net Profit: 3500 – 988.84 – 700 = 1311.16 INR (23$)

I believe this was good month, because I could spend some time writing. Currently my model is not aggressively to make money on this blog. But, because this site was doing well once on search I want to do it again for the sake of my own learnings. Making money on the way is not bad at all. 

That’s it folks in terms of revenue of this blog for this month. 

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