Blocking Facebook Game Notifications

We understand it gets irritating when you are offline for two days and after you come back, you find too much of notifications that takes away the fun on the social networking platform. Every now and then we have an excellent game coming up that our friends, relatives and acquaintances can’t stop playing. Well that is not a problem; but the number of requests that arises as they get eager to move on to different level or unlock a special magical potion for them can make life difficult for others. May be I am over exaggerating but most of the troublesome will accept it.

Today we have worked out some simple tips and tricks for Facebook profile that will help you to refine your Facebook profile.


We will start with how to block notifications from games on Facebook. Every time you thing that your profile picture is liked and you find that it is another game request on your dashboard. So lets see how it is done.

Click on notifications:

tips and tricks facebook profile


move your mouse over the notification bar. (Hover it)


You will find  the cross symbol on the right side. Hover the mouse over it and you will see the following image

tips and tricks facebook

Simply turn Off the notifications from a particular game.