Better be it Quick

Hello guys… the last post I updated was a week back, that led me to think how busy we have become in our day to day life in spite of being surrounded by numerous machines, which not only reduce our efforts but also save a lot of our time!

If that is the case, why are we always struggling to find time for ourselves? Why are we complaining of working (or studying… I really think our education system has made academics a job!) if we do less work actually compared to our ancestors? Now that is where hobby plays a role, it soothes your mind and takes you off track this city buzz.


For me nail art is not just an art, or as some may refer to it- a spent art, it’s a hobby that makes me feel good and relaxed after a long day. As days have passed I have come to terms with my interest and its now that I feel that I can do a little justice to this art.

For me there are no plain nails, I am addicted to seeing them covered all the time in some paint or the other. But with this routine back it made it really difficult for me to be really artistic, so “the cheat’s way – a quick but classy manicure”!!

To add up I even ended up using an alternate to the costly rhinestones…

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