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Depression has taken out best of people, find this post on depression and how we can tackle it together.

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Read the true story, and how you can be of some help! Your very close friend, family member might be needing you at this moment. Talk to them!
Last night, almost around 12:45am I was working on a presentation. With my habit of looking at the Facebook feeds frequently lead me to my mobile, which was being charged into the corner of the room. I moved there, just before I could even scroll, I saw a disheartening update about Chester. I immediately ran to my PC to check wiki expecting it to be another celebrity death hoax. But it was not to be.
I sat there for another 5 minutes just trying to find a news update which says it’s a hoax. I could immediately recollect the days when I use to listen to him and his band on the cell phone in the bus, on the study table, or at the midnight gazing the ceiling. I could think of the days, when I would try to sing at the top of my voice, but couldn’t even reach anywhere near his scale and sound as awful as I could be. But this guy Chester the vocalist of the band could connect with his voice & compositions every single time.
I wondered what it takes to be at the top? Is the art so costly to let your life go into depression. Being frank, I haven’t heard the LP for few years now, but I know I’m indebted due to the ease those songs gave me when I was a teenager and struggling with so many things in my life. I tried to read about his lifestyle, and the issues that had possibly taken his life.
Art is nothing but expressing what you feel inside, let it be music, painting, sculptures, writing and other forms of art that I might not be even aware of. But yes, it is expressing ourselves and helping people relate to it, and feel positive about themselves and keep going ahead in their life. It is difficult to touch the hearts of the people if you are not at the same level of pain as they are. At times for artist it means to go to that level of pain, just to make sure that they can connect with the people who are in pain.
Anything that any person does in life to do something good for self or others is not easy. It takes immense efforts. So does creating art. But at the sake of giving pain to yourself, is questionable. Can’t creativity come out without the pain and still equally touch souls.
This pain and depression can be really hard, everyone is having their own set of problems and trying to deal with it everyday. We don’t even know what is the amount of stress each one is going through. Words of Positive boosts can do wonders in this scenario. I always wish positiveness reaches to each and everyone, and to those specially who are in need of it.
But when I pray of positiveness to reach people, I also want to ask if not tell, that we as common individuals on our part not spread negativity. For example, Not to take someone down for no reason at all. Bullying someone is not cool. The amount of depression, it can lead someone into, is what we are not aware of. Ranting can possibly be easy, but the aftereffects of those might be devastating.
Just imagine the number of problems we are facing because we don’t have the love of our life with us, or problems because our family is not able to understand us and many other issues just because people are not kind to us. But do we have the courage and energy to be nice to others? A simple word of kindness and motivation can do wonders. It can do much more wonders, when you are struggling and yet go ahead to promote your friend, your family or simply an unknown individual. We would at least have a micro step towards a world we would love to live. We have lost many people due to depression, hopefully we can counter it.
Dekho. Samjo. Depression jaan leva ho sakta hai. Your kind words to others can possibly give someone a reason to live.