Art for more than Art’s sake

The Cathedral Vidya School Off Mumbai – Pune Highway (NH4) is hosting an art carnival ‘Spandan’ to raise money for charity. Out of 400 students from 20 schools across the country who participated, 26 art pieces are being auctioned at the art carnival to raise funds for Concern India Foundation. Amongst the 20 schools also include Cathedral and John Connon from Mumbai and Symbiosis, Indira National and Indus International School from Pune.


Shruti Bhansode from Dapodi in Pune who studies at Cathedral Vidya School says that some of the best art comes out from the younger kids. “The whole school is buzzing with whose art work will fetch what price and since it’s for a good cause, it’s an even bigger thrill!” The art works range from paintings to sculpture and are in various mediums. Bhansode herself, painted on a glass medium last year. “What I love is that we are allowed to express without any restrictions and can express ourselves freely!”


For 17 year old Ishita Bhardwaj from Mumbai, the experience itself has been fascinating, “All the students collectively came up with the idea that we should use the art to raise money for a cause rather than just have the artworks adorn our school walls.” Agrees Mohit Singh, a resident student from Pune, who is excited about competing with other friends from Pune schools. “It’s a hot topic in school and it’s both fun to compete and yet cheer your friends on.”

So for those who want to see the artworks and bid for them, all you have to do is head to Cathedral Vidya School and bid high for these artworks!

Date: 17th December 2016
Time: 2-5pm
Address: Cathedral Vidya School, Off Mumbai – Pune Highway (NH4), Village: Shilatne, Post Office:Karla, Taluka: Maval.
Entry: Free