How to achieve success in Entrepreneurship

Dreaming big is not a sin. Sin is the rigidity we carry. Entrepreneurship is a process where you have to learn fast. You learn either by making mistakes or analyzing the mistakes other’s have committed. The later part saves time and money.

Young Entrepreneurs face problems of achieving their goals. To start with; they don’t know where to start from. In case if they know where to start; 90% of them will wait for the things to fall in place. They will wait for perfection of there services or situations.

Perfection is great but it does not help if you want to reach targeted goals. Waiting for perfection can result in loss of 6-7 odd months. This is a huge loss of time. With Entrepreneurship comes lot of expectations and we cannot just let those 6 months pass by.

In most of the cases we are on square one. Months of analyzing and development will do no good. If we don’t place an action. The plans made in drawing room are meant to be implemented. I would suggest any thing with 40 – 50% of efficiency can be implemented to start with.

You can always improvise on what you have. Manipulations and feedback will help you to polish your existing model. This is the time when you learn and gain.

So next time when you plan to work out a plan for your next project or task. Make sure you implement and try to materialize as quickly as possible. If you think the end goal is too niche you can test it on smaller grounds. The importance of realization is not to be neglected.

Remember the trick is to get it done! You will always have time to make it better in a later stage.

Good luck! Please share your thoughts and experience. If I missed anything please suggest a better way to reach targets faster.

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Author: Akshay Mahadev Dalvi
What you will know after reading this article:

This article is about how important is getting things done. It emphasis on smaller tasks. The importance of materializing your visualizations and more.