About Us

The Must Read is productivity, business, travel, and lifestyle content platform.

We love experiences and believe in making most of our time. We appreciate the value of time and bring forward crisp content that adds value to life.

On The Must Read discover information that will enhance the lifestyle quotient.

Imagine if you want to increase the efficacy of working for extended hours to binge-watching the best web-series we cover every aspect that kindles happiness and livelihood in today’s time.

We love curating content that inspires and at the same time we work on to introduce the events, process, and discoveries that could help people live a good life through our must-read snippets.

The way we started…

It started as an over-promising dream of Akshay Dalvi, a fresh out of college engineer to start a blog.

The Must Read started on a Sunday evening in the second week of August in 2013 as a Facebook group.

The idea was to share the best possible links to read for engineers to keep them aware of the updates in their industry.

Fast Forward 6 years…

The Must Read covers different areas of life, beyond engineering.

Now we (from one to team) share information, stories, and ideas that you would love to brag about with your family and friends.

Not only limited to this, but we also recommend books, blogs that help you have a different perspective at disposal.

Akshay Dalvi moved on to be a writer/influencer (Words of Akshay) and author (when people say you can’t do it).

Read and Brag

Some stories are so much of fun when retold.

The players who keep the game on…

The Must-Read has a team of engineers, writers, hobbyists, marketing professionals, journalists, and enthusiasts who make sure that there is an inflow of valuable content on the platform for our readers.

We started as a so-called noob. But, after investing 6 years of content marketing and advertising, we believe that we have stepped up.

Now our team collaborates with industry veterans, professionals, agencies, brands to keep creating content that is of utmost value.