Aarti Samant talks about handling brands in emerging digital India

Aarti Samant has won the prestigious Digital Market Asia & Business World Best Indian Digital Planner Award 2015 for her work on Tata Capital Half Stories & Quickheal. Know more about her…

Aarti Samant

Aarti Samant

Name: Aarti Samant

Age: 28

Awards I have won before : 
Top 25 Social Media Professionals In India – 2014
Global Youth Marketing Summit 2014

Why is this award such a big deal?
The award is hosted by
Digital Marketing Asia http://www.digitalmarket.asia a Singapore-based media house that caters to the marketing community in the digital age. The company’s flagship news portal, www.digitalmarket.asia, serves as a comprehensive source of news, views and analyses for all avenues of digital media, marketing and advertising. DMA partners with leading industry events that have a digital and technology focus to them.
Business world – premium business news magazine in India. For the first time in over 10 years of digital revolution Indias’s top planners were celebrated for their credible work and hence it’s a big platform for many of us.

CWAfjtSVEAAZwJMWhat did I get this award for?
Indias top digital planners 2015
The award for my work for Saatchi & Saatchi and our brands namely 1) Tata Capital – Half stories 2) Quick Heal – NoMoFo campaign 3) Pantene – digital content strategy

My Favourite digital Platforms? 
While I am constantly wired to my phone I have been recently hooked on to Instagram, snapchat and boomerang.

One App I cant live without?

My digital hero
I quite admire Ana Andjelic – https://www.linkedin.com/in/anaandjelic for her strategic brand solutions thinking. She is a doctor of sociology and also one of the top 50 strategists in the world. Today she is head of strategy at spring studios, where she works with top talent to use digital technology to solve business problems for retails brands like Target, Armani and Tom Ford.

What’s the digital mantra I live by
You don’t need a digital strategy, you need a business strategy for the digital age!

A secret confession about my digital habits
I do check my phone every 5 minutes to keep a tab on my Instagram. I still checkin at every new place I go on swarm (I mean its 2015)  and I have just managed to delete all the online shopping apps on my phone!

Aarti Samant with the awardWhat’s next for me?
It’s time for the next big leap. I want to be the best brand consultant in the country and to develop products that are just share worthy but add value to the eco-system.