A phone interview with Antara Nandy

Another afternoon in the office, I quickly try to check the Facebook notifications on my phone. Using this as an opportunity, I try to scroll down my feeds on the home screen. I come across a viral share of two girls singing a song on their terrace. Well, it only amazes me as they start to use their hands while using the cups as the percussions. Not to stop there, these girls were melodious.

The very next second I went to their page, not knowing who they were, I come across a girl, who had participated in a reality show. Being amazed with her creative instincts, I thought of writing to her for an interview. Knowing that she is placed in Kolkata, we had a quick chat and we decided to get to call by night.

I spent some time knowing about her work and listening to the songs she had uploaded so far.
Later in the day we got to call, I was interested to know what runs in the mind of a kid, who is going viral all over the place with her singing skills.

I asked her, “How did you enter the reality show?” She said, “Me and Dad were passing by this place where the auditions were going on, and he just asked if you want to try, and later on I just kept on qualifying.”

When asked about being formally trained to sing, Antara said she had started singing when she was nearing to be 5 years. Her parents never forced her into singing nor into something which she didn’t like. Her parents were supporting her all the way. In fact, her dad chose to move to Kolkata, so that she can train on Music at the best of Schools in Music training.

She has trained in the best of schools and under the legends in the music industry, but what was noteworthy, is the way she manages her schedule. Getting up at 5 and making sure she is working on her skill set, till the time she is drop dead in the late night.

She also went on to say the way Music has changed in the past decade. No one wants to go ahead with the albums these days. Back in 90’s, situations were different, from the likes of Shaan, and the upcoming singers of that time. Now music needs to be downloaded, the only way you can promote is via YouTube and with times changing, people are being reluctant to click on YouTube Links.

When I asked her about composing songs, she had this sweet reply. “In Music or in the work of art, you come up with so many ideas, and you work around them. I am trying a hand on my composing skills and trying to master the art for a couple of years. But I am not looking forward to release any specific title in time to come.”

I asked her about the song Pinga which is going viral, she said, “When we felt we are running out of ideas, Mother suggested me to try hands as percussion with the usual cups that we were already doing. My younger sister, joined me and ever since that she is enjoying music as well. She is a dancer, but she is so excited about music. We here are not forcing her, and have given her freedom of choice to do what she loves.”

She was quick to add about the fact, it is a trend about having musicians born in the family of musicians, but at her place last five generations are in the field of engineering. Even she plans to be one in near future.

The talk with Antara was inspiring, the ability of hers to work hard and against all the odds to nourish the hobbies into the profession is what I personally liked. The young singing soul had great modesty and was down to earth, I could see the aspirations and more than that the willingness to work hard to achieve her goals.

Me and the team here at Ideas and Journeys would like to wish her a lot of luck. Stay Strong, Keep Achieving. You go girl!

In mean time everyone, work hard success is yours. Do what you love.