We all have heard about 5 a.m. club. We also want to try to wake up early in the morning. Getting up early in the morning is as good as being productive, let us see how we can workout to build this as a habit

The biggest challenge for most of us is to get up early in the morning. Even after getting up it is a chance to be in the best of moods to work efficiently. 

There are people who prefer working in the night. There are studies that suggest the people are comfortable working in the night, while some of them comfortable working in the morning.

Productivity experts do suggest that working early in the morning is highly productive. Some suggest working between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. improves the efficiency of work. 

This is mainly because of the rest to the body and mind. A night of good sleep is mandatory for a good state of mind and body. 

Now we will look at the factors that directly influence your sleep. If these factors are taken care off, then it might help to get up early in the morning. 

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Use of mobile before sleep

This is a very important factor. Most of us are habitual of using mobile before going to sleep. This habit affects the sleeping pattern. 

The bright screen light tricks the mind to stay awake considering it as daylight. 

Mobile surfing and games could be highly addictive to any age group. Though this practice is entertaining, it could result in staying awake for a longer time. 

Ideally, it is good to switch off mobile or cease operations prior to sleep. An hour or thirty minutes before the sleeping time, the use of mobile should be completely curbed. 

Alternative to mobile: 

You can prefer to read a book before sleeping. The time before sleeping can be also utilized to meditate. Use of any electronic device should be as low as possible. Using electronic devices to read will not help the cause. 

Meditating can be a good solution, which can also help in having a deep sleep. 

Room temperature does matter: 

A study says that the room temperature influences the ability and the quality of sleep. Matt Walker

It is ideal to have a room temperature on the colder side. Around 2-3 Degree Celsius less than the body temperature. 

But you should choose a temperature which makes you feel comfortable. If too cold doesn’t make you feel comfortable. 

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Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep to wake up early. Sleep Early! 

Getting up early is not helpful on long term, if you are not getting adequate sleep. 

Your body needs enough rest to function properly. Productivity will only go up, once your body is in its best state. 

The only way to get a complete sleep by early morning is to sleep early. Plan your day to perfection, and follow it. 

If you make a habit to sleep early. 90% of your problem of getting up early is solved. 

Mind what you eat! 

Your eating habits influence your sleeping pattern. If you are eating food which takes time to digest then it will affect your sleep. 

Take proper consultation from your dietician to have appropriate intake of food. 

Having healthy food not only keeps you physically strong but it also builds immunity and gives peace of mind. 

Mindful eating can help you arrive the quality of sleep. 

No alcohol or reduce the intake of alcohol! 

Alcohol influences sleep, the quality of sleep is hampered due to excessive alcohol. 

It is important to regulate the intake of alcohol. The quality of sleep is very important if you need to wake up early. 

Low quality of sleep will make you feel dizzy throughout the day. This will result in a drop in motivation to get up early. 

Meditate to wake up early!

As mentioned earlier it is good to meditate just before going to sleep. It is also important to add meditation in your daily schedule. 

Meditation helps reduce stress which is one of the factors that affects sleep adversely. 

You can choose the simplest forms of meditation, or take the help of an expert to get you going with basic meditation skills. 

Be consistent to wake up early! 

Getting up early is a task initially, once you have managed to get up early for 15 days, it becomes easier. 

The body gets tuned to our timings. Initially, you might feel like giving up but later on it would be easier. 


It is easier getting up early, once you sleep early. The challenge is to sleep early due to the commitments and our lifestyle habits. 

If you work on each habit at a time, it will make getting up early easier. The first step that you should work on is the use of mobile in the night. 

Rest exercising, meditating, and eating right will help you improve the quality of sleep. 

Do let us know what are your suggestions, also comment and queries you have about you waking up early.

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