5 Activities that will speed up your preparations for board examinations

In this article we will understand the simple techniques that will help you to get your work done quickly. We will help you incorporate 5 activities (one by one) that will save your time to do better things over the course of articles. We will also look into the benefits of working faster, the reasons why does it helps in our board examinations and where to apply these simple must do activities on your route to the examinations.

Why should we work faster?
Working quicker will save your time. Getting those extra minutes in a day can be very handy to relax or to have recreational activities. With the entire unnecessary backlog that discourages you every day working faster can get you over it. You tend to turn positive and gain confidence by completing tasks (The similar way you gain confidence when you play role playing games). Being quicker can do a whole lot of good to your confidence levels.

Does working faster means there can be compromise on the quality of work?
NO! When we say work faster we also give significance on the quality of work we do. Compromising on the quality of work will result in poor performance. Poor performances act as a catalyst to dampen the morale. We should pay special attention on the quality of work done. BUT THERE IS NO NEED TO BE PERFECTIONIST (This will save plenty of time). Instead work your way to the safe point that is to the place where you are adequate with the subject knowledge.

Before going further I would like to make you realize why it is important to speed up your working process for your board examinations?

Speeding up processes gives much more time for revisions. Revisions will make you natural at the subject rather than putting up an effort to recollect.

Extra time that you have can be utilized for paper solving (Success to boards is solving more and more papers. No matter if the papers are repeated or not.)

You end up having time for working out topics that are hard to grasp. It is not necessary to know everything but it is always better to have proficiency in most of the topics.

It provides time to overcome individual limitations that we have for instance to work on paper presentations, mathematical theorems, formulas, dates, laws, diagrams, etc.

If you don’t find above reasons worth it then read this one “Board Examinations are just 2 months away (Well! I am not trying to scare you), but you need to speed up.


List of things that we will have to work out for gaining speed are:

  1. Managing your study place
  2. Know your limitations and strengths
  3. Set Priorities
  4. To-do Notes
  5. Triumph over Your Mind


These simple 5 activities will help you to reduce the wastage of time. In our next article we will go through each activity that will help you speed up.  So keep checking and Like us at TheMustRead to get all the updates.