10 most common power disturbances.

Today we give you a quick insight on the 10 most common power disturbances that affect us. You can feel free to read more details about each one we will try to provide the best possible link for each one.

1. Interuption:
Temporary or Permanent loss of power supply.
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2. Over Voltage:
When Voltage in the circuit/grid is raised above it’s operating limit.
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3. Under Voltage:
When Voltage in the circuit/grid falls down and goes below the standard operating range. It is also called as brown out. The conditions results in temporary or permanent loss of power.
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4. Sag:

A voltage sag or dip is a short duration reduction in rms voltage(wiki link). RMS is a mathematical term which reads root mean square, It can be calculated for a series of discrete values or for a continuously varying function, in the case of voltage the sinusoidal waveform.
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5. Transient:

A sharp disturbance in the waveform. A spike or burst of energy in a system caused by a sudden change of state
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6. Swell

7. Electrical Noise

8. Flicker

9. Harmonic Distortion

10. Notch

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